With women making up half of the global population, there’s no question that their online shopping activities play a big role in rising global ecommerce sales

But what do women buy online? Unless your ecommerce store caters solely to the male gender, this is one statistic you need to pay attention to.

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What do women buy online the most: top three categories

According to a recent survey looking at women’s online shopping habits, products in the clothing and shoes and entertainment categories top the list of items they purchase online. One in three (33%) female shoppers worldwide say they buy these products over the internet. 

Incidentally, fashion is also among the top online shopping categories in the world, and is set to generate over $1 billion in revenue in 2023. If the United States is your main target market, you’d also be interested to know that a slightly higher percentage of women (34%) there say they purchase clothing and shoes online.

Electronic products rank next, with 31% of women worldwide listing it as a category whose products they purchase online. This is three percentage points lower than the 34% of women in the US saying they buy electronics online.

What do women buy online the most: beauty, leisure, and pharmaceuticals

Beauty-related products are also popular items female shoppers buy online, with 29% of them doing so. According to a list of the top beauty products, skin care and hair care are the two of the most-bought items in the category. With the global beauty industry market size growing year after year, it’s certainly one line of products brands operating in adjacent sectors can think about branching into.

This is followed by items in the leisure, sport, and hobby category, purchased online by 25% of women, and pharmaceutical products, purchased by 24%. 

What do women buy online the most: other top categories

Jewelry also ranks among the top items women buy online. Nearly one in four (23%) of them say they purchase jewelry and accessories mostly on the internet.

Groceries and children's products are next, with 20% each. Groceries remain a category for which many consumers prefer to shop in physical stores. In fact, 65% of women shoppers say they do most of their grocery shopping in-store.

Home and garden and automobile parts and accessories are the two other product categories women shop for online, with 18% of them doing so.

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