Pinterest currently ranks among the top social commerce platforms, with as many as 15.9 million users shopping on the social network in the United States alone in 2022. Coupled with its ranking among the most popular social media networks in the US, it’s clear that Pinterest needs to be on every brand’s growth strategy. 

But before creating a Pinterest marketing and ads strategy, it would help to understand more about the people using the platform, starting with the age demographics of Pinterest users. Here’s a breakdown of Pinterest users by age.

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Pinterest age demographics: a breakdown

A recent report studying Pinterest users by age shows that the age range with the highest number of Pinterest users is 25 to 34. As many as 37.2% (or more than one in three) of Pinterest users fall into this category. According to the study, this equates to around 95.6 million Pinterest users worldwide. 

If your target audience falls into this age range, you should definitely consider using Pinterest to boost your brand’s presence and grow your business. Separately, it may be of interest to note that this is also the age group to which most Instagram users belong. An analysis of Instagram users’ age demographics shows that nearly half (48.63%) of Instagram users are between 25 and 34 years of age.

The second-largest age group to which Pinterest users belong is the 18–24 range. Close to one in five (19.8%) Pinterest users are in this category. 

What this breakdown of the age demographics of Pinterest users shows is that the majority of them (57%) are aged 18 to 34, which equates to as many as 143.7 million people worldwide.

This is followed by the 35–44 category, which 14.7% (around 36.9 million) of Pinterest users fall into. The 55–64 and 45–54 age ranges follow, with 8.5% (21.7 million) and 8.2% (20.2 million), respectively.

Finally, the age group with the lowest number of Pinterest users is those aged 65 and above. They make up just 3.6% of Pinterest users. This is in line with a study analyzing social media age demographics, which shows that people aged 60 and above are the least likely to be active users of social media.

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