Given the increasing number of online shoppers, as an ecommerce store owner, it’s important for you to understand some key ecommerce issues. This includes asking questions like: “What is a good conversion rate for ecommerce?” and “What is a good ecommerce conversion rate benchmark to aspire to?” 

The answers to these questions will give you the insight you need on how to improve your average ecommerce conversion rate on your website. 

2021 has seen a rise in conversion rates for ecommerce businesses, growing from 1.77 percent in January 2020 to 1.94 percent in January 2021—a year-over-year increase of 9.6 percent. 

Incidentally, this is also the highest ecommerce conversion rate in seven years.

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Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate by Products

If you’re looking for an ecommerce conversion rate benchmark for your store, you’ll need to look deeper as rates differ greatly from product to product and market to market.

Currently, products related to health and wellbeing have the highest ecommerce conversion rates of 3.78 percent. This category is followed by arts and crafts supplies at 3.05 percent and kitchen and home appliances at 2.39 percent.

After these three categories, the top converting product types are as follows:

  1. Home accessories and giftware: 2.23 percent
  2. Fashion clothing and accessories: 1.75 percent
  3. Food and drink: 1.64 percent
  4. Pet care: 1.58 percent
  5. Sports and recreation: 1.34 percent

In terms of ecommerce conversion growth rates, baby and child products are seeing the fastest increase, followed by food and drink as well as home accessories and giftware. Here’s a breakdown of the product categories and their year-over-year growth from January 2020 to January 2021:

  1. Baby and child: 215.04 percent
  2. Food and drink: 105.42 percent
  3. Home accessories and giftware: 61.00 percent
  4. Cars and motorcycling: 31.63 percent
  5. Fashion clothing and accessories: 24.89 percent

    Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate by Markets

    What you eventually set as an ecommerce conversion rate benchmark also depends on your products’ market and your target audience’s preferred device.

    For instance, Q4 2020 data shows that in the US, the average conversion rate for ecommerce shoppers on their mobile phones is 1.57 percent, slightly lower than the global average of 1.80 percent. 

    In comparison, consumers in Great Britain using mobile phones to shop online have a conversion rate of 2.87 percent.

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